Important arrival information

What do you need to know when entering Slovakia or transiting to other EU countries? See the list of veterinary clinics, accomodation tips and much more.

Conditions for refugee-owners of less than 5 pets🐶🐱

Arrival of refugees with their pets to Slovakia is possible. Valid exceptions make it easier for owners who have less than 5 pets to come to our territory. However, as soon as possible after arrival in Slovakia, it is necessary to complete all the documents required by the European Union and the Slovak Republic.

Step by step manual:

01 . I am preparing to arrive at the border crossing point:
If possible, I have with me all the documents for the animal (vaccination book, animal passport with the indicated microchip number, test result for rabies antibodies, in purebred animals and other documents). If you do not have documents, it is also OK, you will complete them upon arrival in Slovakia.

02 . I am at the border crossing:
For each of my animals, which does not have all the documents complete, I will fill in the accompanying form "Permit / Permit / Дозвіл" /

03 . If I walked and came to the large-capacity help center Michalovce:
I will visit a veterinary booth where my pet is picked up for free by a veterinarian, they will provide me with information, pet food and other necessities. If my pet needs treatment from a veterinarian, they can also help me at this stall.

04a . I am located in Slovakia at the place of accommodation:
Within 3 days after arrival in Slovakia, I will visit the vet's clinic and retrieve all the missing documents about the animal:

a) identification of the animal with a microchip and entry of its data from the Slovak Register of Animals.
b) issuance of Pet passport valid in the European Union. / click list of veterinarians issuing pet pass /
c) If the animal is not vaccinated against rabies or has received a vaccine that is not valid in the EU, I will ask the veterinarian for a rabies vaccination.
d) I will have the animal take a blood test to check for rabies antibodies. Collection may not take place until 30 days after the rabies vaccination.
e) I will inform the nearest RVPS / click on contacts / e-mail about my place of residence as soon as possible and I will gradually send them all the documents I can get for the animal.
f) If you do not have all the documents complete, it is essential to adhere to strict domestic quarantine. I will not allow the animal to come into contact with other animals or people outside my home.

04b. I'm just moving through Slovakia to another country:
Upon arrival in the destination country, I will find out the conditions concerning pets, visit a veterinarian there and contact the state veterinary authority, if there is such a condition in the country.

05 . My animal is sick:
The sooner I visit the nearest veterinarian

Conditions for refugee-owners of more than 5 pets 🐶🐱

The transfer from Ukraine to Slovakia with more than 5 pets per owner is considered a commercial transfer. Please read in detail what conditions must be met.

Step by step manual:

Conditions of the State Veterinary and Food Administration
Health conditions for pets entering commercial movements from a third country into the EU:

01 . Before the planned transport of animals, contact, or the Department of Foreign Relations, Imports and Exports, MVDr. Róbert Hačko,, 02/602 57 124

02. Animal marked with a transponder (microchip) - this condition can be met even after arrival in Slovakia

03. Valid rabies vaccination

04. Issued a European Union Pet passport issued by a veterinarian authorized to issue pet passports. - this condition may be replaced by a completed "animal health certificate" from a veterinarian. Contact the veterinary clinics in Uzhhorod to issue a form. If you are unable to obtain the document, please contact the Green Line of the Ministry of the Environment - Slovakia, we will help you find a solution.

05. The result of a serological test for rabies antibodies "antibody titre". Contact the veterinary clinics in Uzhhorod to perform the test. If you are unable to obtain the document, please contact the Green Line of the Ministry of the Environment, we will help you find a solution.

Conditions of the Financial Administration Slovak Republic - i.e. conditions when crossing the customs area

Transit document T1 - the form is issued by a freight forwarding company, it is usually used in the case of transport of goods for sale, but currently it is the only one usable for the transit of animals from Ukraine in more than 5 animals / 1 owner. On the border of Vyšné Nemecké, there are several forwarding companies in the customs services center. However, it is necessary to take into account that a security is paid in the forwarding company, which is calculated from the selling price of each animal and amounts to approximately 20-25% of the selling price of the animal. The exact calculation of this amount can be obtained directly after contacting a forwarding company:

SLOVAK INTERCARGO, s.r.o. - Vyšné Nemecké customs services center, +421 911 210 980,,

NOVA CS, p. r. about. - Vyšné Nemecké, +421 907 751 391, +421 915 997 657,,

Integral Col Servis, s.r.o. - Vyšné Nemecké, +421 56 6599 306, +421 566 983 141, +421 566 983 140, +421 566 599 306

If you are unable to obtain a customs document due to a lack of funds to cover the security, please contact us /link/, we will help you find a solution.

⚠️ Important contacts

Green Line of the Ministry of the Environment Slovakia

+421 800 144 440

Operation Monday-Friday 8:00 - 18:00