National rules on traveling with pets and other animals in the EU and non-EU countries 🚗

Detailed EU requirements for chipping, vaccination, blood collection and supporting travel documentation.

National legislation on traveling with pets and other animals in specific countries

United Kingdom

Important notice: In the UK, it’s against the law to own certain types of dog.
Special regulations apply also on wild animals, bengal cats included. 








United Arab Emirates

Saudi Arabia

Requirements for the import of small animals to other countries can be found at

Authorization of titers examination within EU or other countries 💉

Laboratory in Slovakia has an EU authorization to examine antibody titers. Authorization is also accepted by most countries outside of EU, but some countries do not accept EU authorization and claim additional requirements (e.g. China and Japan). For this reason, we highly recommend you to search for import requirements of a specific country before sending the sample for testing.

The test certificate is valid until the end of the dog's life, provided that he will be regularly revaccinated against rabies in the given period. 

However, some countries have specific requirements that determine the validity of the certificate - see the above mentioned links.